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* The chemical name and formula for benfotiamine is: S-benzoylthiamine-O-monophosphate (C19H23N4O6PS) . Benfotiamin & benfothiamine are synonyms for benfotiamine, however "benfotiamine" is currently the most frequently used common name for this compound.
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Perhaps the best testimonial is the fact that most customers who try benfotiamine reorder it for continued use. Many benfotiamine users prefer not to comment publicly about their medical conditions, but a few have. While testimonials do not represent scientific evidence, I do think reports from other benfotiamine users can be informative.

If you would like to add your results or comments to this page just email us at, limit your identity to gender and age if you wish (or give name and town) and we will post a summary of your results/comments here.

  • MY RESULTS (neuropathy, sciatica, blood pressure) (March, 2003)
  • CASE 2 (neuropathy, diabetic complications) (Received 9/30/03)
  • CASE 3 (neuropathy, sciatica) (Received 10/27/03)
  • CASE 4 (neuropathy) (Received 11/8/03)
  • CASE 5 (diabetic complications) (Received 11/9/03)
  • CASE 6 (neuropathy, circulation) (Received 11/17/03)
  • CASE 7 (neuropathy, mental alertness) (Received 11/22/03)
  • CASE 8 (neuropathy, nephropathy) (Received 11/22/03)
  • CASE 9 (non-diabetic neuropathy) (Received 12/26/03)
  • CASE 10 (vascular health, lactic acidosis, general well-being) (Received 12/29/03)
  • CASE 11 (shingles, herpes zoster) (Received 01/8/04)
  • CASE 12 (sciatica, leg cramps, improved peripheral circulation, improved eyesight) (Received 03/23/04)
  • CASE 13 (neuropathy, burning, tingling, sleeplessness) (Received 05/15/04)
  • CASE 14 (neuropathy, numbness/pain in feet, hard to sleep) (Received 06/03/04)
  • CASE 15 (neuropathy, numbness/pain in feet, difficulty walking) (Received 08/28/04)
  • CASE 16 (neuropathy) (Received 11/18/04)
  • CASE 17 (neuropathy) (Received 12/10/04)
  • CASE 18 (neuropathy) (Received 02/23/05)
  • CASE 19 (shingles, sciatica, nerve pain) (Received 02/23/05)
  • CASE 20 (neuropathy, pain in feet) (Received 04/10/05)
  • CASE 21 (sciatica, tinnitus) (Received 05/06/05)
  • CASE 22 (sciatica) (Received 06/20/05)
  • CASE 23 (sciatica, blood pressure) (Received 07/10/05)
  • CASE 24 (Type 1 complications in child) (Received 11/29/05)
  • CASE 25 (neuropathic pain, glycation) (Received 05/31/06)
  • CASE 26 (neuropathy, heart issues, diabetes, stroke) (Received 06/14/06)
  • CASE 27 (crippling diabetic neuropathy of the feet and lower legs) (Received 07/16/06)
  • CASE 28 (nerve damage, non-diabetic neuropathy of upper and lower extremities) (Received 07/18/06)
  • CASE 29 (diabetic retinopathy) (Received 10/30/06)
  • CASE 30 (severe Type I complications, neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy) (Received 02/19/07)
  • CASE 31 (severe sciatic pain) (Received 05/28/07)
  • CASE 32 (neuropathy of the feet) (Received 07/07/07)
  • CASE 33 (non-diabetic, chronic, inflammatory, demyelinating polyneuropathy of the extremities) (Received 08/27/07)
  • CASE 34 (debilitating polyneuropathy, restless leg, impaired vision) (Received 10/03/07)
  • CASE 35 (non-diabetic nerve pain and numbness) (Received 10/25/07)
  • CASE 36 (non-diabetic nerve pain, numbness, neuropathy in hands and feet) (Received 01/01/08)
  • CASE 37 (neuropathic pain - non-specific) (Received 02/28/08)
  • CASE 38 (diabetic neuropathy, sciatica, nerve pain) (Received 06/10/08)
  • CASE 39 (non-diabetic neuropathy) (Received 08/05/08)
  • CASE 40 (fibromyalgia) (Received 08/12/08)
  • CASE 41 (post-chemo neuropathy) (Received 08/29/08)
  • CASE 42 (neuropathy) (Received 10/04/08)
  • CASE 43 (sciatica) (Received 12/04/08)
  • CASE 44 (neuropathy, numbness) (Received 12/07/08)
  • CASE 45 (neuropathy, numbness) (Received 12/11/08)
  • CASE 46 (neuropathy, numbness) (Received 12/11/08)
  • CASE 47 (diabetic neuropathy of the feet) (Received 3/30/09)
  • CASE 48 (diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy) (Received 4/14/09)
  • CASE 49 (post-chemo neuropathy) (Received 6/30/09)
  • CASE 50 (neuropathy in the feet) (Received 7/06/09)
  • CASE 51 (trigeminal neuralgia (TN) or tic douloureux or prosopalgia) (Received 7/20/09)
  • CASE 52 (customer service compliment--I couldn't resist...) (Received 9/04/09)
  • CASE 53 (debilitating neuropathy of the feet) (Received 12/05/09)
  • CASE 54 (supressing complications in Type I Diabetes) (Received 02/09/10)
  • CASE 55 (Received 11/28/11)
  • CASE 56 Rita of Elmore, NV (Received 4-20-12)
  • CASE 57 Richard C. Los Angeles, CA (Received 5/9/12)
  • CASE 58 (Got off Gabapentin) (Received 6/10/14)
  • CASE 59 Thelma R, Durham, NC (Received 7/28/14)

FIRST, MY RESULTS (March, 2003): I have been Type II diabetic since 1998 and began developing symptoms of neuropathy in my feet in 1999, which symptoms began to spread to my hands in 2002. I also began developing painful sciatica in 2001. I began using benfotiamine in March, 2003 in response to Dr. Brownlee’s article in Nature Medicine, which I saw posted on AOL.

Being cautious of something new, I started with 200mg. per day, then moved up to 300mg. per day. In July, 2003 I moved up to 600mg. per day. Moving to 600mg. per day yielded immediate results for me. The numbness in my hands has disappeared, feeling is returning to my feet, the hypersensitivity to touch that I used to experience in my feet has moderated & I have had no sciatica attacks since July, 2003. Over the intervening years, I have increased my dosage to 1200mg. per day with good results. I find that perhaps 80% of my customers get great results at 600mg. per day, with the other 20% doing better at 900mg. per day or more.

Male, 56 years old.

CASE 2: (Received 9/30/03)

I have been on your Benfotiamine for maybe a month now. I've been diabetic for at least 12 years, based on when the neuropathy in my feet began, but have only known I'm diabetic for about 19 months. I also had a mini-stroke with minor nerve damage to my right hand and arm about 4 years ago. Worse, I was beginning to have some problems in my right eye (possibly from the stroke and/or diabetes).

The difference in this past month is nothing short of astronomical.

My eye has completely changed - there is no more fuzziness, black spots, or smokey looking things in it. Vision is wonderful - I use reading glasses, but only the lowest power, which isn't bad for 59 !!!

My right hand is getting feeling back in the thumb and two adjacent fingers. I had a momentary exacerbation of pain in the arm and down into the middle finger - lasted 3 days, then went away, and much more sensitivity and lack of pins and needles were quite evident.

Biggest change has been my feet. OUCH! They began to feel funny within a week, then they actually got extremely painful, as did the Achilles tendons and my ankles. This condition was actually dreadful, but I know the healing process can get worse before it gets better.

After about a week, I knew things were turning around dramatically. Feelings in my feet were coming back, numbness and pins and needles were fading, though there is still a ways to go - I started with this in a VERY BAD STATE. My right foot now gets pink from time to time, like it's flooded with new circulation. This foot was nowhere near as bad as the left foot. Both feet are now ticklish - something unheard of in the last decade.

Most remarkably, pain on walking is diminishing rapidly, plus I can now go up and down steps without holding on for dear life. The pain in the ankles and Achilles tendons was so severe I could barely go up and down steps. Now it's easy.

I've embarked on a major exercise program and can do many miles each day on my bike - I could not stand to do this before.

My life is turning around at a considerable pace since I found this most wonderful, miraculous, life-changing supplement. I am eternally grateful to you for bringing this to the forefront of a needy public. I work with diabetics every day, and this is a vitally important facet of what I am teaching them now.


Linda Yates
Kissimmee, Florida

CASE 3: (Received 10/27/03)

The benfotiamine seems to be working for me even though I've only been on it for 3 weeks. I am taking 600mg. a day. I have ordered for my mom and sister.

My mom's sciatica nerve hasn't acted up but my sister hasn't seen any change in her neuropathy. She has only been taking it for a week, so hopefully she will see some relief soon. Now an elder friend would like to take it.

I did some reading elsewhere on the internet and this benfotiamine is good for a lot of things: ageing inside your body, such as kidneys, blood pressure, circulation, age spots, etc. I would highly recommend it to friends, as you can see I've been ordering it for friends who don’t have internet access.

Thanks, and I'm sure glad I found your website and the info to get me started on benfotiamine.

J. Sparby

CASE 4: (Received 11/8/03)

My Name is Mike and I have a fairly bad case of Diabetic Neuropathy -- I've tried everything and nothing has really worked to help me get over my leg and foot pain and sleepless nights. Anyway, after some extensive internet searches, I found research on a medicine or nutritional product that has been used in Europe for about 12 years called Benfotiamine. I recently purchased a supply of this product from Benfotiamine.Net in Florida and it has made a substantial difference in my pain levels.

Also, I take Glocovance for sugar level control and Neurotin for the neuropathy along with the Benfotiamine. Plus, I take CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid in addition to B1, B6, and B12 tablets. This combination, along with daily bike rides and walks has gotten me down to about a 3-4 on a ten scale from a 7-8 level in regard to the stinging pain that I have had for over three years. I have a hard time leaving the carbs alone, which seem to raise the pain sometimes after a great pizza and some beer. However, this new product has given me some hope on my condition and the complications involved with Diabetes.


M. Huddleston
Venice, Florida

CASE 5: (Received 11/9/03)

I guess I am as skeptical as one can get, but after going through the first 30 days supply, I can safely report to you that the periodic swelling that I have suffered in the past has gone down to almost zero. Last Friday we needed to travel to the other end of the island to resolve some problems, it was an all day ordeal where in the past I would have been bedridden for two days resting to get the ankle swelling down. While I did come back exhausted, the feet did not swell and I know it is the direct result of the use of benfotiamine.

Please send me a 3 pack order to make sure that I have enough to finish the year with as well as to begin year 2004 feeling better. I will await your response.


H. Artze, Puerto Rico

CASE 6: (Received 11/17/03)

I am 64 years old & suffer from type II diabetes & heart problems that create both shortness of breath & numbness in my legs & feet.

I would like you to know, I have been taking Benfotiamine for 16 weeks. I started with 600mg. daily for 12 weeks and then increased the dosage to 750mg./day for the last 4 weeks. The numbness in my legs & feet have reduced to the point that I am now walking extended distances & without shortness of breath. Benfotiamine has improved the quality of my life.

Thank you!

Male, Age 64, South Florida

CASE 7: (Received 11/22/03)

I am 55 years old & suffer from type II diabetes which has begun causing numbness in the tips of my fingers. I have been taking Benfotiamine for about 10 weeks now, 600 mg. per day.

The numbness in my fingertips has improved, but just as importantly, I have an improved sense of well-being and I feel noticeably sharper mentally. In fact, if I skip taking benfotiamine, I can tell the difference by the next day.

Benfotiamine is working great for me and I would recommend it to anyone. I believe it to be a very safe and beneficial product.

Thank you!

Male, Age 55, Palm Beach County, Florida

CASE 8: (Received 11/22/03)

I am a 48 yr old female Type 1 diabetic. For the last 8 years my health has failed due to this disease. It started with the neuropathy in my feet and legs. After the pain and hypersensitivity, by 1999 I could no longer tell hot from cold or wet from dry.

In 2001 my kidneys began to fail. I saw an O.D. and went on the healthiest diet we could plan. I started juicing and only drank bottled spring water. It was to no avail. In August of this year my kidney doctor told me to start the preparatory work for dialysis and to speak with the transplant center.

I started taking 600 mg. of benfotiamine daily the first week of October. My next kidney function tests were about 3 weeks later. The kidney had improved by 10% and I was no longer anemic (another symptom of poor renal function). This is nothing short of miraculous. My doctors all said that once kidneys slip below 30% (mine were 18%) it is impossible for improvement. Weren't they surprised? Both my nephrologist and doctor wanted to know what it was that caused such a dramatic improvement.

The return of sensation to my feet and legs (about 80%) was icing on the cake. I am forever grateful and thank God I found this in time.

Conne Dalton, Colorado

CASE 9: (Received 12/26/03)

I have suffered from (peripheral neuropathy) PN in both feet from around March of 2003. I am not diabetic. I suspect it is "collateral damage" from spinal surgery from last year. Don't misunderstand, the surgery was a success. Without it I would be 1,000,000% WORSE OFF in other areas!!! Regarding the peripheral neuropathy: my spinal MRIs show nothing wrong. Even so, PN is no fun as you all know. I am in my 4th day with Benfotiamine at 600 mg per day and ALREADY can see significant improvement. I happily anticipate more improvement.

CASE 10: (Received 12/29/03)

I am a 72 year-old male, Type II diabetic since 1978 (400+). I used the Pritikin Diet and exercise for blood glucose control (no meds) from 1978-1985 and the Mcdougall Program from 1985 to the present.

Benfotiamine is the most impressive supplement I have ever been excited about. Prior to starting benfotiamine I was running at a pace of 4.5 to 5.0 mph with much difficulty for one hour (over the years I dropped from 8 mph in my 40s to difficult 4 plus at the end).

I started benfotiamine in late May or early June 2003. The first few days in June were the usual difficult hours of running, but as time went by it became easier. For the past 6 weeks I have been doing 8 miles each day in 90 minutes with the exception of Saturday or Sunday when I would do 13.3 miles (once a week). Yes, benfotiamine does appear to eliminate lactic acid buildup in the muscles and reduce the usually expected pain from anaerobic muscle exertion.

As to AGE's, my observation and opinions: In 1998 my C-Reactive Protein level was <0.4, on 09/12/02 my level was <0.5, but last week, 12/10/03, my CRP level was 4.290 - yes, 4.29 mg/dL (a tenfold increase). My doctor is concerned as that is "dangerously high.” However, I believe all that protein is coming from my arterial plaques and cross links being removed. I feel that cholesterol plaques are being removed and my arteries are becoming more flexible.

I started with 300 mg per day for two weeks, then 600mg to date. I believe benfotiamine is healing my cardiovascular system (and so far, I have had no indication of any plaque particles gumming up the works).

In my opinion Mr. Holladay will likely be proven correct: benfotiamine will probably emerge only second to antibiotics in importance.

Best wishes and kind thoughts.

Tom Arbuckle, Fordland, MO

CASE 11: (Received 01/8/04)

A few months ago I suffered a shingles attack that was very painful and debilitating. I missed work for two months. Now, I’m better and have returned to work, but I had lingering tingling and discomfort from the shingles. My employer was concerned about me and told me about the benfotiamine she was using. I’ve been taking 600mg./day for two weeks now. The tingling sensations and discomfort have disappeared. I hope and pray the benfotiamine will prevent another shingles attack. I feel like it will. I’m so pleased I have this supplement!

(Update, 08/11/04) After taking benfotiamine for months with continual relief from the shingles, I quit taking it, thinking I would be OK. Within a few weeks I had another shingles attack which put me in bed. I resumed taking benfotiamine and within one week I was back on my feet, pain free. I intend to keep taking a maintenance level of benfotiamine indefinitely. A daily dose of benfotiamine is certainly better than the pain of shingles. I’m very grateful to have access to this supplement.

Valda, South Florida

CASE 12: (Received 03/23/04)

Recently, my wife (not diabetic) suffered from sciatica, the main symptom being extremely painful muscle cramps in her legs. She started taking Benfotiamine at 600 mg per day.

Within two days of taking the supplement her symptoms had eased. Two weeks later the cramps had disappeared completely and since then there has been no recurrence of the sciatica.

We gave a part of the Benfotiamine ordered to our near neighbor who is a Type II diabetic. After 10 days at 600 mg per day she reported ‘…a sense of improved well-being… warm hands/feet, the first time for months… feeling that her eyesight was sharper’.

Dave C, Lincolnshire, UK

CASE 13: (Received 05/15/04)

I have been taking Neurontin for my neuropathy, but still had very uncomfortable burning sensations and tingling that would keep me from sleeping. Though the Neurontin helped a bit, I was leery of the side-effects. After taking benfotiamine at 600mg./day for two weeks, my symptoms began to subside.

Now, I’m no longer taking Neurontin and at a daily dose of 600mg. of benfotiamine per day, my neuropathy symptoms have cleared up enough for me to sleep at night. I’m very pleased that I found this supplement. I recommend it to my friends.

H. Pogue, 77, California

CASE 14: (Received 06/03/04)

Before using Benfotiamine, I had numbness as well as pain in my feet and toes. The hypersensitivity and pain in my toes was such that I couldn’t even let the sheets touch my feet when I went to bed at night. It was difficult to get to sleep. I have been taking benfotiamine for about four months now. It seems to work the best for me at 600mg./day.

Now I can sleep with my feet under the sheets at night. I can wiggle my toes and feel my feet. I tell everyone about this amazing supplement. The results are fantastic!

Joann Morelli, Sacramento, California

CASE 15: (Received 08/28/04)

I just want to let you know that I have neuropathy and prior to taking benfotiamine, I couldn’t walk for more than an hour. My doctor at Kaiser Permanente in Woodland Hills recommended that I take your product.

Now that I am taking benfotiamine, I can walk and walk. I was recently at Disneyland from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and had no problems with my feet.

The first thing I noticed when I started using benfotiamine was that I could feel the bottom of my feet in my shoes. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Michael Goldbloom, Encino, California

CASE 16: (Received 11/18/04)

I am a chiropractor. One of my patients told me about how well your product works! Now he doesn't take Neurontin.


Dr. Barbara Doreo
2045 Victoria Ave
Channel Is Hbr, CA 93035

CASE 17: (Received 12/10/04)

“My allergist was stumped by itching and burning in my feet and my doctor said it was neuropathy from my diabetes, but didn’t have anything to suggest other than looking into Benfotiamine. I’m usually very skeptical of such unproven substances, but I was desperate. I went from having flare-ups three or four times a week to maybe three times in three months. Whatever’s causing it – it seems to work better than anything else I’ve tried.”

Howard, Southern California

CASE 18: (Received 02/23/05)

“I developed neuropathy in the lower legs and feet two years ago.  My doctor put me on Neurontin, working the dosage up to 5400mg./day.  On the Neurontin, I felt disoriented and developed a tremor in my left hand.  After going onto the benfotiamine, I was able to slowly stop taking the Neurontin.  Now, my tremor has cleared up, I am no longer disoriented, the numbness in my feet and lower legs is much improved, the pain has gone down significantly, and I am now once again able to sleep at night.  This benfotiamine has been fantastic.”

W. Lukens, 66, Anderson, Indiana

CASE 19: (Received 02/23/05)

“Thank you for your very prompt service!  Your product is helping me with nerve pain from herpes zoster that affects the nerves in my lower back, hips and legs.  I also get swelling in one leg from the irritated nerves.  If I can stop the sciatic nerve from becoming inflamed I do not get any of the other problems.  Benfotiamine has been the most effective thing I have found for this (including prescription medications)!  I recently found out that many mental conditions such as depression, bi-polar/manic/depression, food and alcohol addictions to list a few, are all greatly helped with the use of thiamin.  Thank you for your research and diligence in making this product available to US residents like myself. ”

C. Kelly/Boyd, Kings Beach, California, email:

CASE 20: (Received 04/10/05)

“This is the only thing I have ever taken that has completely stopped pain in my feet. I have lived with so much pain for the last six years I could hardly walk. I only bought one bottle at first and I could tell the diffrence after the first week. I just made another order. I don't think I could make it through everyday life with out Benfotiamine. ”

Steve Williams, El Dorado, Arkansas

CASE 21: (Received 05/06/05)

“I am so glad to be able to add my comments! I found your website a couple of weeks ago after doing a search on sciatic pain, which has been a chronic problem for me since my last pregnancy, 12 years ago. I would rate my usual pain level at 5 - 7, sometimes exacerbating to level 8 or 9. ”

“Well, after just one week on benfo, my sciatica is now almost completely gone. I would rate my current pain level at 1 -2, which is an amazing blessing. I've also started sleeping through the night instead of having to get up and use the bathroom once or twice. And the tinnitis I developed a few months ago has also completely disappeared. Like others have reported here, I seem to have more stamina and certainly an improved sense of well being.” Thank you so much for improving the quality of my life! ”

N. Cross, 52 years old, Pacific Northwest

CASE 22: (Received 06/20/05)

“My sciatica was so bad the doc said he was going to have to cut me open. That didn't sound too good to me. I found your product on the Internet. People said I was crazy to even try it. Well, I tried it anyway and I'm sure glad I did. ”

“ My pain is now cleared up and I have been able to do more since being on benfotiamine than I have been able to do in the past two years. I think I could even run some of the youngsters into the ground! This stuff really works. Keep up the good work! ”

R. McPhee, 73 years old, Alva, Florida

CASE 23: (Received 07/10/05)

“I have high blood pressure that my doctor has been trying for 3 yrs to get under control. I recently had another sciatica attack that was going on it’s 3rd month. It was the longest lasting and most severe episode I had ever experienced. Needles to say, I was at my wits end, trying all the traditional methods to relieve the pain, but nothing worked. ”

“ I came across this website, and in desperation (with no real expectations) ordered the Benfotiamine. I started out taking 600mg/day and after a week the sciatica was gone. I gradually lowered the dose to 300mg/day (that was four months ago), and I have been pain free ever since. A side bonus occurred when I went to my doctor after 2½ weeks of taking Benfotiamine: my blood pressure had dropped to 136/78 from 145/92 and has remained there ever since. My doctor cut my traditional blood pressure meds in half, with the hope of cutting them out all together soon. I have had no more pain, no more swelling, and a more normal blood pressure since beginning to take Benfotiamine. I’m so grateful for your product!!! ”

60 year-old female, Surprise Arizona

CASE 24: (Received 11/29/05)

“My son is a "brittle" T-1 of 2+ years. He started benfotiamine 4 months ago at a rather low dose of 150mg at bedtime. His HbA1c has dropped from 12 to 7.6. After 2 years of radical blood glucose swings, the doctor said that he'd be having the first signs of complications right about now. A month ago they gave him a complete work-up... blood work, kidneys, eyes, everything. They found a perfectly healthy body of a non-diabetic boy. His vision has actually improved from where it was 6 months ago. We've upped the dose to 300mg. twice per day. I promised him that he'll never go without benfotiamine. Thank you so much. He might live to see a cure after all. ”

Mrs. F., Texas

(Benfotiamine.Org Comment: We are aware of a number of instances where HbA1c readings have dropped in benfotiamine users. This does not always mean a drop in daily blood glucose levels. It is possible that the action of benfotiamine in blocking the metabolic pathways of advanced glycation might play a role in reducing the glycation of the hemoglobin measured for the HbA1c test. The important thing is that benfotiamine does appear to be blocking the damage pathways that lead to severe complications in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics.)

CASE 25: (Received 05/31/06)

“I am a holistic health practitioner with a degree in holistic nutrition. I run a consulting practice in New England. I have to tell you that I ordered some of your benfotiamine for a client with severe post-herpetic neuropathy in her lower extremities. Her pain was so severe that in the middle of winter she had to wear loose sundresses and flip-flops. A few days after she started taking 600 mg daily of benfotiamine her pain began to subside. Yesterday she reported she rode up the New Hampshire coast on the back of her husband’s motorcycle without difficulty over the weekend. She has been on the supplement for approximately 5-6 weeks. Wow.

“I am blown away by the far-reaching implications and wide-use range of this remarkable form of thiamine. I believe this is one supplement I will recommend to every single client who comes to see me.

Rebecca L. Montrone, B.S.
103 Roxbury Street, Suite 300
Keene, NH 03431
Keene Office (603) 439-2603
Mobile (603) 401-8369
Wondrous Roots, Inc.

CASE 26: (Received 06/14/06)

“Hi my name is Scott and I want to make a testimonial about this fabulous product benfotiamine. I am a 54 year old Vietnam veteran. I’ve been diabetic since I was 25. The diabetes has damaged my kidneys and I am on dialysis now. I also have very bad neuropathy in my feet. I was just discharged from the VA hospital Sunday. I had gone to an appointment at the Stroke Clinic. I had a Hemorrhagic stroke in 2001 and I am left side hemiplegic. I think this was caused by diabetes and Agent Orange exposure. I started on 150mg. of benfotiamine daily and worked my way up to 900mg./day. ”

I am very happy with the results. At the hospital I complained about shortness of breath, so they wheeled me to the ER, admitted me to the Cardiology Ward and since I am a diabetic they were sure I had blockages in my heart. They felt I could have a heart attack at any moment. They gave me a heart stress test which started on Friday and finished on Monday. I was very scared because they thought I had numerous blockages. Well on Monday night I was discharged. Tuesday they called and said that the scan was completely negative, so no angiogram was needed. I can also say I can feel my feet again. This benfotiamine I have been taking probably saved my life. I think if you are a diabetic and you have heart problems benfotiamine could save your life also.”

Scott Calkins
Tacoma, Washington

CASE 27: (Received 07/16/06)

“I am a 69 year-old male who has had diabetes for over twenty years. I have had neuropathy in my feet most of that time. The condition had deteriorated to the point where I didn't know how much longer I was going to be able to drive without hand controls on my car. After driving twenty minutes I lost all feeling in my right foot and leg. It got to be pretty scary at times. I have been taking 600 mgs of benfotiamine for only three weeks and have seen an immediate result. All pain has left my upper legs and there is only some pain and numbness in the bottoms of my feet, similar to how I felt over twenty years ago. My balance is much better and my ability to drive longer distances has increased greatly. I hope these improvements will continue. ”

“I was told about benfotiamine by a woman I know who had an even worse case of neuropathy. She had severe burning and skin falling off the bottom of her feet. After taking benfotiamine for only four days she had a complete remission of symptoms. Bravo!

R. T.
Hallandale Beach, Florida

CASE 28: (Received 07/18/06)

“Hi, I am a 51 year old Female who has suffered from sensory motor poly-neuropathy in upper and lower extremities for almost 30 years. I had decompression surgery in December 2000 for Arnold Chiari Malformation Type 1, in March of 2000 I had C-5 vertebrae removed in my neck and a harms cage with a plate a screws was put in its place. ”

I am not diabetic, my neuropathies stem from nerve damage in my neck and my brain stem being compressed for 20 + years before being diagnosed with ACM type1. I have taken all the medicines out there for neuropathy and all worked for a little while then quit and my neuropathy just continued to get worse. It was getting unbearable. In June they started me on a new medicine and it was making me retain a lot of water and I would walk around like I was in a fog and my feet wouldn't respond to it.”

I got on the computer after being in bed 2 days with my feet and I found this site (Benfotiamine.Net). I said what the heck I have to give it a try, I am so sick of taking medicine after medicine and still in so much misery with this something somewhere has to help. So I ordered a bottle (of benfotiamine) and I received it in 2 days. I have only been taking benfotiamine for about a week and it is unreal how much this has helped me. I can't believe it, my family can't believe it. My daughter just looks at me in disbelief.

I started 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening. It feels like a miracle to me. I really didn't think anything would help me, I read all the testimonials on the Benfotiamine.Org website and most of the neuropathies discussed there are caused from diabetes. I didn't think benfotiamine would help me. But whoever reads this, please believe me—benfotiamine is working for me. I can actually touch my feet right now without jumping. I just keep Thanking God for leading me to this site.”

“I know my improvements will continue and I am so looking forward to a brighter future because I found this benfotiamine. My only regret is I didn't find it sooner! Thank you so much for this wonderful product”

D. E.

CASE 29: (Received 10/30/06)

“I have type 2 diabetes, and was informed 2 years ago that I had very early signs of retinopathy. Since that time, I have been taking benfotiamine, and it seems that there is no longer any trace of the condition. ”

R. Johnston

CASE 30: (Received 02/19/07)

“I have been a type 1 diabetic for 25 years. In 1990, I began to experience numbness in the tips of my toes. By 1993, I had lost all feeling from the knees down in both legs. In 2003, I developed neuropathy in my arms and hands so bad that I became totally disabled. I have had 3 laser eye surgeries because of complications due to diabetic retinopathy over the last 5 years.

“Recently, I have been experiencing pain in my back which was determined to be caused by kidney damage. My doctor informed me that I was starting the process of losing kidney function. This was the most horrible news for me. I was so afraid of being put on kidney dialysis.”

“I am 39 years old with a wife and 4 small children. I home-schooled my 2 oldest children for 2 years before my eyes got so bad that it was hard for me to read. My hands became so numb that I couldn't hold a pen. I became very upset with the fact that I was failing so rapidly. My doctor told me that it would only get worse.

“Around mid-December 2006, I began to search the internet for help. I was at my wits end and had exhausted all other options. I felt I needed a miracle and prayed to God for one. That is when I came across benfotiamine. I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. I began taking the Benfo-150 Multi-B Neuropathy Support Formula at a dosage of 900mg. per day. All I can say is: “Wow!” By mid-January, for the first time in decades, I could feel water running down my legs in the shower. My next kidney test baffled my doctor, as he saw that my kidneys were functioning beautifully. The numbness in my hands is almost completely gone. Also, my retinopathy has improved to the point where I can read very small print without reading glasses. These results are astonishing but real.”

“I very thankful to God for finding benfotiamine. Since January, my wife and I have joined a health club where I can now walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes almost every day. That was impossible before beginning benfotiamine. For me, benfotiamine has truly been a miracle. ”

John A.

CASE 31: (Received 05/28/07)

“I had been experiencing sciatic pain due to my computer job and sitting for hours at a stretch without getting up and walking around. When I did get up, I had terrible sciatic pain on my left side. I went online to search for something that would relieve the pain. I didn't want to continue using Motrin for pain relief, and frankly, it didn't seem to be helping much.”

“As soon as I received my first bottle of Benfotiamine, I started taking 3 capsules at bedtime and 3 capsules with breakfast. Within 24 hours, my pain was relieved and I have been taking it ever since. I am a nurse and have been recommending it to many of my friends who have neuropathy and sciatic pain.”

N. Lopez-Ibanez,RN
Charlotte, NC

CASE 32: (Received 07/07/07)

“I would just like to say thank you for the Benfo-150MB/120 Multi-B Neuropathy Support Formula which I received a week or so ago. I have used benfotiamine for a few years with some relief for my neuropathy, but I feel a significantly better effect by using the Multi-B product. It really makes a difference for my feet. I suffer from tensions in my feet and also numbness in my toes. Since I started taking the Neuropathy Support Formula my feet feel so comfortable. Benfotiamine is a healty alternative to pain killers. Again, thanks so much.”

John Norgaard

CASE 33: (Received 08/27/07)

Arresting/curing chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy – a possible solution based on personal experience.

“Around 6 - 7 years ago I noticed certain changes taking place in my physical condition. These changes included a permanent feeling of “pins & needles” in the extremities (lower limbs, feet, lower arms & hands), balance problems in the dark or when I closed my eyes, and other problems. Based on these results from various studies I was diagnosed with CIDP, and treatment with Polygam and cortisone was immediately initiated. At this stage I was pretty bad and could only walk with a lot of difficulty. This treatment was subsequently repeated every 6 months for 2 years and I have to admit, did help, but only slightly and not for long. Because of the major side effects of cortisone (one of which is muscle wastage - also a side effect of CIDP?) I decided there and then to stop all treatment, accept the disease positively and try and exercise. I also decided to research the disease and try and find something other than “hard core” expensive drugs which could be useful in treating/arresting CIDP. ”

“About 12 months ago I decided to do a little research on CIDP through the internet and came up with an idea on how I could possibly treat myself. The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy are very similar to what I have, and as with many of us CIDP sufferers, I was initially tested for diabetes. I therefore looked at a compound, benfotiamine, which has been used successfully in treating diabetic neuropathy, and was in fact originally developed for alcoholic neuritis. I decided to be my own guinea pig. The recommended dose varies from study to study so I decided on my own dosage of 600mg per day and have never looked back. I can now do the following:

* Walk and play 18 holes of golf (walking around 7 kilometers) whenever I wish (although not as I did before because my balance is still not perfect, but my handicap is back down to 16)

* Spend around 90 minutes working out in the gym.

* Shower with my eyes closed without falling over.

* Dance without falling over.

Brian Johnson
Johannesburg, South Africa

CASE 34: (Received 10/03/07)

“I began using your product five months ago and the results have been absolutely amazing! I was suffering from peripheral neuropathy. I could barely sleep at night and had constant burning, tingling and numbness in my hands, feet and legs. I even experienced involuntary muscle movement. I walked with great difficulty and eventually had to use a cane to get around.”

“I experienced what is known as "restless leg syndrome" nightly and slowly lost the sensation of enjoyment from a hot bath or shower. I suffered from extreme fatigue and would sleep ten to twelve hours on occasions, becoming exhausted after only two hours of being awake. My vision had become severely diminished to the point of legal blindness. I was placed on two different medications with horrible side effects and quit taking them altogether. Finally, I was told by several doctors that I would get worse and worse and become crippled or wheelchair-bound (I was well on my way).”

“However, thank God I discovered benfotiamine! I was desperate and hoped that it would work--it did! I have very low pain now, the involuntary muscle movements disappeared, I no longer use a cane, I am regaining my balance and enjoying hot showers and baths again!

“Benfotiamine also increased my energy level and most exciting of all, my vision is gradually improving. Oh, I almost forgot one improvement: my immune system increased by 212 t-cells, which I believe supports the notion that benfotiamine prevents cellular death. I will be on benfotiamine for life and I am grateful to God for the product. I am sure it is helping many.”

Gerald Hawthorne
Allen, Texas

CASE 35: (Received 10/25/07)

“Hello, my name is Peggy. I was bed-ridden in January and February and put on steroids, oxycodone, muscle relaxers, and had 2 epidurals. I was also put on the list for surgery. ”

I am not diabetic, but had tingling and numbness in my left leg and three toes. I also had terrible back pain. The doctors said I had sciatica and stenosis of the spine. I was miserable--the pain was unbearable.”

“Then, I found benfotiamine. I take 600 mg per day and I feel it has saved my life. I haven’t had surgery and I no longer take so many medications. I now have all my feeling back in my leg and my back pain is gone--that is quite an improvement from being in a wheel chair months ago!

“This B-1 derivative (benfotiamine) is a miracle. I feel wonderful, thank you! I don’t know how it works, but I recommend it to anyone with even similar symptoms.”

Peggy Krueger
Wisconsin (

CASE 36: (Received 01/01/08)

“I have been suffering with chronic foot pain since August 2000 and had a plantar fascia release in 2004 with no relief. Later in 2004 I began having problems with the other foot. In autumn 2005, I came down with a flu-like illness which I never recovered from and is known as CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome). After many visits to 8 specialists in all different areas of expertise, I went to a doctor who found I have neuropathy in my feet and hands. He found carpal tunnel in my left hand and also sympathetic nerve problems throughout my body. He told me he did not know what he would do about my foot pain that’s when I began searching for relief for my neuropathy. ”

“After reading the many testimonials on this site, I thought I would try Benfotiamine and I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t really expecting anything miraculous because with the CFID’s for two years you find there are no magic bullets. I must say that within the first days of taking Benfotiamine there was a most notable difference in my foot pain. Within 5 days I was taking 600 mg daily divided into two doses. The pain disappeared except for a tiny burning tinge very rarely on the inside of my right arch. To see if in fact the Benfotiamine was really relieving the pain, I discontinued using it in the early stages of taking it and the pain returned. I knew for sure that Benfotiamine was really working against my neuropathy. I also have noticed that the numbness and tingling in my hands are moderating; however the foot pain was the first to stop.”

“My assessment from taking this supplement is that I am deficient in a number of B vitamins with my CFIDS, and benfotiamine is the best source for replenishing my need for Vitamin B1. I am also hoping to see an improvement in my blood pressure, as it runs erratically from normal to 160/90’s. Benfotiamine has gotten me on my feet again. I cannot sing its praises enough.

With kindest regards,
C Zahnd

CASE 37: (Received 02/28/08)

“I discovered Benefotiamine 6 or so months ago. I have moderate to severe neuropathy and had been looking for some treatment to help me with it's pain. ”

“My family doctor prescribed an anti depressant (Elivil) which had been discovered to be useful as a suppressant to neuropathic pain as a side effect. It was helpful but not to the degree I needed. I dislike taking any prescription medications, though as I've gotten older, taking medication for one or more problems has become a way of life.”

“I did some research on neuropathy and benefotiamine kept coming up as a major player in handling it. Long story short: I went to the Benfotiamine.Net website and bought a trial bottle of their neuropathy specific capsules--the Multi-B Neuropathy Support Formula. The results were (and still are) amazing. As long as I take my pills every day there are little to no neuropathic episodes. I have found Benfotiamine.Net to be a dependable supplier and have never had a problem with late shipments or incorrect orders. I am very grateful Benfotiamine.Net is there for me and every other person who suffers from this painful problem. ”

Very sincerely,
Hugh Distelhurst, age 70

CASE 38: (Received 06/10/08)

“I ordered this for my diabetic husband who was trying to get off the prescription drug Lyrica. It has done wonders for him, but the surprise was that it helped my son so much with his sciatica. We recommended it to two other friends and received the most glowing, heartfelt, thank you letters I've ever seen ”

I was about to have surgery on my neck to relieve the pain in my shoulder and arm from a pinched nerve. I took the Benfotiamine for a few days and the pain went away and hasn't returned. All the tingling, numbness and pain is just gone. The doctor keeps calling to schedule the surgery and I keep telling him I don't need it. This is a wonderful product and I just want to tell everyone who is suffering from neuropathy or sciatica or other nerve type problems: JUST TRY THIS PRODUCT! You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.”

Very sincerely,

CASE 39: (Received 08/05/08)

“After years of progressively losing the feeling in my feet and ankles, I recently began having pain associated with the neuropathy. My family doctor and a neurologist had told me that in my case the condition was not treatable, nor was it reversible.

“A friend told me about Benfotiamine, so I ordered the Benfotiamine 150mg Multi-B Neuropathy Support and started taking 3 capsules twice daily. After only one week I was amazed to discover that the pain associated with neuropathy had stopped and within a few more days feeling began returning to my ankles.”

“It has been 5 weeks since I started taking Benfotiamine, and although I continue to experience some numbness in my feet, it is much improved, and for the first time in years I can walk around barefoot on the hardwoods. These results have exceeded my expectations, and I thank God every day for directing me to this site.”

Very sincerely,
Gene Dugger, Asheville, NC

CASE 40: (Received 08/12/08)

“I am a 34 year old male and have suffered with fibromyalgia since I was 17. I have been to dozens of doctors over the years and been put on dozens of different medications. Most recently I have taken Lyrica - which did not help me.”

“My grandmother started taking Benfotiamine for her neuropathy (burning hands). I read in one of the testimonials that someone stated it had helped their fibromyalgia. I have been taking 4 capsules a day for about 2 months now and the pain has almost disappeared.

“Please tell anyone suffering with fibromyalgia to give Benfotiamine a try – it has really helped me.”

Very sincerely,
Ryan, Charlotte, NC

CASE 41: (Received 08/29/08)

“I have significant post-chemotherapy neuropathy in my feet, hands, and shoulders, which I have been told may last for a year. My oncologist never educated me regarding alleviating this pain. One patient said over the counter vitamin B1 does not work for her. I mentioned the pain to my endocrinologist (I never have had diabetic neuropathy). He told me to take Benfotiamine 150mg 4x a day and to order this premium product from Benfotiamine.Net.”

“What an incredible difference this product has made within one week in drastically reducing my post chemo-neuropathy (90% at least). I can sleep at night now with relief and the reduced pain is very tolerable during the day.

“ I decided to test the product and didn't take it for 2 days. My neuropathy came back with a vengeance. I am making benfotiamine a staple in my life. What relief!.”

Lynn, Nevada

CASE 42: (Received 10/04/08)


“Just to let you know I am ordering another 90 day supply.

“My wife has suffered for a couple of years with neuropathy in her legs and feet, she has had numerous different prescription tablets, injections and infusions without really easing the pain. Your benfotiamine has been like a miracle.

“ During the last 3 months while using benfotiamine, she has been pain free all but the odd couple of days. It really is astounding--if you need any help in the future promoting this product please don’t hesitate to contact us. A really big "thank you" and we wish you all the best.”

Very kind regards,

Peter and Julia, Great Britain

CASE 43: (Received 12/04/08)


“This stuff really is great!

“I had painful, nearly debilitating sciatica and tried everything I could to get rid of it: pain killers, muscle relaxers physical therapy, etc. I ordered the benfotiamine out of desperation. Within two weeks the pain subsided and I was off the prescription meds.

“ I called today to order antoher 90-day supply. I wouldn't be without benfotiamine now and I sing its praises to my family and friends. What an excellent product!”


Bill Fleener, Indiana, USA

CASE 44: (Received 12/07/08)

“I have had Type 1 Diabetes for almost 40 years but my A1C has always been < 6 or 7. Despite the obsessive care I take in keeping my blood sugar stable, I developed neuropathy in my fingers and toes 2 years ago.

“I am an artist and I depend on touch. When the neuropathy progressed to the point I could no longer feel my fingers, I searched the Internet for help.

“I found this site and decided to give benfotiamine a try. I have been taking 4 capsules a day for the past year and a half and I am pleased to report that the feeling has completely returned to my fingers. My toes are still slightly numb but nothing like they were before. It took about a month of using benfotiamine before I felt the difference, so do not give up!

“ I have told all my doctors and almost everyone I know about this remarkable supplement and I will never be without it again. I spent a week in Europe and forgot it for awhile and the numbness came right back, but when I restarted the regimen; my feeling came back almost immediately. I cannot thank you enough. ”


Bonnie Kruger, Saint Louis, MO

CASE 45: (Received 12/11/08)

“I am a male age 53. A year ago my feet started to go numb on the front pads and some of the toe area. Pain in the feet also started, like I was walking on gravel rocks barefoot: ouch!

I have tried many things: creams, lotions, drugs, nothing seemed to work no matter what I tried. The best thing I tried was a product called "Stop Pain," a spray to stop the pain so I could sleep at night, but it only worked for so many hours before I had to get up and re-spray my feet and legs. Ugh! …another night with only 5 hour’s sleep!

“I have read many articles on the German benfotiamine studies, and how they are treating people with positive results so I decided to try it. I am a large man (270lbs) so I started with 1000mg in the morning, and 250mg just before bed. It's like a miracle!

“ The first day I felt much better, less foot numbness, less pain in the feet. Day two was even better, my numbness is almost gone, and NO PAIN at all yet today. Last night I slept like I used to before this started, I got a good 8 hours of sleep, never once woke up because of pain in my feet or legs.

“ My cat kept jumping on the bed thinking something was wrong, as I usually get up several times every night (about every 2 hours), but I slept right through the night painless! My feet and legs feel cool again, the redness is going away, I can feel my toes again. I have my life back again. I don't know how it works and I don't care, but I know I will never stop taking benfotiamine as long as I feel GREAT!


J. Fetter

CASE 46: (Received 12/11/08)

“I don't know what you've got in that stuff, but it sure works! A year ago I was eat up with neuropathy. Now I'm clear as a crystal. Send me six more bottles of that Multi-B Neuropathy Support Formula and send them today! ”

A. I. Corte, Point Clear, Alabama

CASE 47: (Received 3/30/09)

“Hi, My name is Annette and I’ve been a Type II Diabetic since 1996. I have always had problems with my feet, mostly hereditary issues. Then my feet began to ache, become ice cold, burn, tingle and sometimes I’d get shooting pains. It got to the point that when I’d awake in the morning I couldn’t put my feet on the floor. They hurt terribly. And when your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. But I attributed it to the deformities (hammer toes, bunions, etc.) In October of 2008 I decided, at age 57 that I should see an orthopedic surgeon and get my feet “fixed”. He suggested that I have a neurological study done to see if I had diabetic neuropathy. No, NOT ME! YES, ME! I failed miserably!

“My diabetic educator angel told me that an endocrinologist she works with has been suggesting Benfotiamine to his patients. Since I take so many other medications I wanted to see if I could go the “natural” way. I had heard such horror stories from people who were taking prescription drugs for neuropathy that I decided to give benfotiamine a try. With all the information you have posted on your website I felt well informed and confident that this was not just another “scam” to get more of my money. I ordered three bottles. Within two weeks of taking benfotiamine the tingling went away. I was able to put my feet on the floor when I got up in the morning. I even began walking for exercise. And now, six months later, I am almost completely pain free. I’m almost positive that the rest of the pain is just from the deformities in my feet.
“Today I placed my third order of three bottles. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

“ Oh and one more thing: after re-reading my testimonial, I had a good chuckle. It sure reads like a bogus advertisement but honestly, this is truly a phenomenal supplement.”



Milford, NJ

CASE 48: (Received 4/14/09)

“I can say quite unequivocally that the substance benfotiamine not only blocks retinopathy, but also, in my case at least, it caused reversal of very early signs of that condition (retinal micro aneurysms). I might have told you this before? I don't know if this is widely known, but benfotiamine blocks neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy, even in the presence of uncorrected hyperglycemia


Dr. Rob Johnston

Inverness, Scotland

CASE 49: (Received 6/30/09)

“I tried benfotiamine for my post-chemo neuropathy and I was so pleased to experience a reversal of symptoms within two weeks. The neuropathy in my hands no longer wakes me up at night. Also, the benfotiamine has no negative side effects like the drugs that are otherwise prescribed.

“ I am now going through an additional course of chemo and have continued the benfotiamine. My neuropathy is much less than before and I expect that it will once again reverse after this round. My oncologists are very interestested in the results I am getting. I am very thankful for your company and your product. Other post-chemo patients should certainly give benfotiamine a try.”

Kind regards,


Naples, Florida

CASE 50: (Received 7/06/09)

“I went to doctor after doctor and not a one could help me with the neuropathic pain in my feet. It was very uncomfortable. I tried benfotiamine and I am amazed at the difference. My feet are much more comfortable now and I can actually wear a variety of shoes again--you know how important that can be for a lady.

“I know it was the benfotiamine that did the trick, because it is the only thing new I have tried. I am very pleased with the results!”

Mary C.

Sun City Center, Florida

CASE 51: (Received 7/20/09)

“I would like to offer a testimonial on behalf of my mother, who began taking Benfotiamine based on conversation with a local student of naturopathic medicine. My mother suffered from extremely painful intermittent trigeminal neuralgia (Link to explanation of TN). She had been taking prescription Gabapentin 200 mg 4x/day (or sometimes much more) and it sometimes helped, sometimes didn't. The pain was always there to varying degrees. The Gabapentin also seemed to make her "stupid." Last fall (2008) the facial pain was so severe day and night that it was interfering with our ability to function as a family.

Her pain faded rapidly THREE DAYS after beginning to take 1 Benfotiamine daily with breakfast. We continued with that schedule for about three months, then discontinued after discussing the matter with the same student. My mother has never suffered to anywhere near the same extent since. She doesn't even touch her face or seem to notice any pain most of the time.

“I sincerely hope that anyone who suffers from neuralgia will examine this product. I believe it was a blessing to us.”

"Grateful in British Columbia, Canada"

CASE 52: (Received 9/04/09)

“Lou, Thanks for your immediate attention to my situation - your service has always been, and continues to be, impeccable. In a world full of fantastically absurd claims, ineffective products and slipshod service, your levels of quality, in all areas, stand as beacons of how things ought to be done. It's a pleasure to do business with you. ”

B Barrows, long-time customer

CASE 53: (Received 12/05/09)

“I'm just contacting you to make sure you got the order I placed today. I do not want to run out of the Multi-B Neuropathy Support Formula! My feet had gotten so bad, I could hardly walk. With the benfotiamine, my symptoms are much improved and I can walk again. I hope you stay in business a long, long time, because I do not want to run out of this stuff. ”

H Byers
Tewsbury, Massachusetts

CASE 54: (Received 02/09/10)

“I am a Type I Diabetic (33 years). I have been taking benfotiamine for about 2 years. The benfotiamine has helped with a trapped nerve in my arm. I increased the dose when it happened and within two days it had gone. My physical therapist was surprised, so I told her about benfotiamine. Also, my husband’s sciatica has disappeared.

“This supplement is amazing. I have told everyone about it. I now have hope that I may never develop the typical complications from this awful disease and I want to thank you for your extremely informative website. ”

Jane Graham
United Kingdom

CASE 55: (Received 11/28/11)

I am a 58 year old male. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost 44  years ago,

8 years ago, before I started taking 300 mg / day of Benfotiamine I had background and prolific retinopathy. I suffered many bleeds into my eyes, and had a few laser surgeries. I also had a little numbness in my right big toe. 6 months or so after I started taking 300 mg / day of Benfotiamine, my big toe numbness was gone and my Eye doctor said my retinas looked a little better. Over the next 4 years my retinas kept getting better until my eye Doctor told me my retinas were free of any signs of diabetic eye disease. This was confirmed with Fluorescein angiography which showed the blood vessels were no longer leaking. My retinas have remained free of diabetic eye disease since then. Your business has had a positive effect on my life.  Thank you.

Allen of Hanover, customer since 2003

CASE 56: (Received 4-20-12)

I have been taking the Multi-B Neuropathy Support Formula since the fall of 2007. Two capsules twice a day relieves the tingling and burning pain of my type 1 Diabetic Neuropathy pain in my hands, feet and legs by 95%. In four days I noticed a difference and by week 2, it was nearly gone. I hope your company never goes out of business!

Rita of Elmore, NV

CASE 57: (Received 5/9/12)

Two years ago my 77 year old wife was diagnosed by two MD's as having Alzheimer's. I read all the horror stories on the Alzheimer's website and was resigned as caregiver to a lifetime taking care of a wife who only got worse. As a consequence of stress I developed shingles in my left ear and scalp. To cure the post neuralgic pain, I found a site that advertised Benfotiamine. In one day my scalp stopped being painful, and in a week the ear pain disappeared. At this time I was reading material which described Alzheimer's as Type 3 diabetes. My wife has always been a borderline Type 2 diabetic. So if Benfotiamine works on my scalp, let's try it on my wife's Type 3 diabetes. It worked. Instead of living with a uncontrolled paranoid schizophrenic, I now was living with a tolerably normal woman. Because of brain damage from the previous two years of supposed Alzheimer's, I did not expect a cure. She still has some hallucinations, the sense of time is gone, and the speech is difficult. However, we can most days carry on a normal conversation, and I can sleep nights. I have done a lot of research on the internet and found that Benfotiamine or vitamin B1 is a necessary component of the glucose/insulin reaction in the brain. My wife's dementia was misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's, when, indeed, she had a shortage of vitamin B1 in the brain.

Richard C. Los Angeles, CA

CASE 58: (Received 6/10/14)

41 year old female, diabetic for 32 years, type 1, have had neuropathy in my feet for about 3 years and tried all the standard prescription drugs. Have been on gabapentin for about 18 months, they work very well at controlling the pain but for about a year have been experiencing muscle and joint pain and a non existent sex drive (sorry) but it's true... am sure this was all a side effect of the gabapentin. I have had numerous tests to try to determined what's causing this muscle and joint pain and everything has come back as normal, even my doctor was scratching her head and running out of suggestions. I asked her if it might be the gabapentin, she said only one way to find out, stop it for a week or two. Well, that filled me with panic. I can't cope with the neuropathy pain. I thought, what can I take instead... started trawling the net for help and found all this info on Benfotiamine. Ordered some double quick, stopped the gabapentin ten days ago, yes the neuropathy was killing my feet within twenty four hours of stopping but the muscle and joint pain has decreased. Started the Benfotiamine when it arrived 3 days ago, 600-900 mg/day, and yes I think it's working... I will keep you updated on the progress, sex drive, well, I'll let you know about that! Ha ha... I also have mild back ground retinopathy, be interesting to see if that improves when I have my annual check next Feb. Fingers crossed I don't have to take prescription drugs anymore. We will see.

Alex, U.K

CASE 59: (Received 7/28/14)

In the hospital for 3 days and couldn't take my Benfotiamine...once released, I doubled up dose and 6 weeks later I'm driving with no pain in my feet. Can't live without the Benfotiamine Multi-B Neuropathy Formula!

Thelma R, Durham, NC