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* The chemical name and formula for benfotiamine is: S-benzoylthiamine-O-monophosphate (C19H23N4O6PS) . Benfotiamin & benfothiamine are synonyms for benfotiamine, however "benfotiamine" is currently the most frequently used common name for this compound.
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Articles and Abstracts Regarding Benfotiamine Research

Brownlee article (Topics: neuropathy, arterial endothelial cells, sciatica, retinopathy, nephropathy.)

Hammes article (Topic: blocks damage pathways.)

Winkler article (Topic: painful neuropathy.)

Greb article (Topic: bioavailability.)

Haupte article (Topic: polyneuropathy.)

Anisimova article (Topic: alcoholic polyneuropathy.)

Lindeman article (Topic: diabetic polyneuropathy.)

Stracke article (Topic: effectiveness of multi-B formula.)

Brownlee Abstract 148 (Main topic: retinopathy.)

Chous article (Main topic: diabetic retinopathy.)

Danilov article (Main topic: polyneuropathy.)

Stracke article (Main topic: peripheral nerve function.)

Babaei-Jadidi article (Main topic: nephropathy.)

Simeonov Abstract (Main topic: relief of pain in diabetic peripheral neuropathy.)

Benfotiamine Study Abstracts and Product Summary (Various clinical trials and a discussion of benfotiamine's physiological effects.)

Nikolic A, Kacar A, Lavrnic D, Basta I, Apostolski S. Abstract (Main topic: Effects of Benfotiamine in the therapy of diabetic polyneuropathy)