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* The chemical name and formula for benfotiamine is: S-benzoylthiamine-O-monophosphate (C19H23N4O6PS) . Benfotiamin & benfothiamine are synonyms for benfotiamine, however "benfotiamine" is currently the most frequently used common name for this compound.
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Diabetic polyneuropathy treatment by milgamma-100 preparation

[Article in Russian]

Sadekov RA, Danilov AB, Vein AM.

Efficiency of Milgamma-100 preparation (100 mg of benfothiamine + 100 mg of pyridoxin) was studied in treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy in 14 patients with diabetes mellitus type II (1 dragee 3 times a day, within 6 weeks). After the course of treatment the intensity of pains was decreased according to visual analogous scale on the average from 8.2 to 2.3 scores, the indices of vibratory sensitivity improved significantly as well as the data of cardiovascular tests characterizing parasympathetic control of heart rhythm. Meanwhile latent periods of the evoked sympathetic potentials on arms and legs which were initially lengthened became significantly shorter. A clear-cut tendency was also found to increasing conduction rate for excitation through the motor nerves. The treatment resulted in the improvement of the condition in 93% of the cases. The conclusion was made about efficiency and safety of Milgamma-100 preparation application in therapy of patients with diabetic polyneuropathy.

Publication Types:
Clinical Trial

PMID: 9791922 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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